Get more bookings for your accommodation ...

Cycling is one of the fastest growing sports and for every cyclist you see there is a chance it is one less car.

Are you set up to promote yourself to Cyclists and increase your bookings?

As we start to get in to the summer season I am seeing more and more bikes on the road. It is the best way to explore an area, it’s green and it enables you to eat more cake without feeling guilty! Cyclists are renowned for being great guests as they are out all day and generally eat out. But what makes a great place to stay for cyclists?


Essential for cyclists. This means an enclosed secure are with a locking door. It encourages guests to keep their bikes here and not with them in the room too.


Ideal when it has been wet to wash the bikes down after a ride. Great if you can also supply some brushes / sponges and cleaning agents.


Cyclists going out on long rides generally check the pressure of their tyres before they head off. Great if they have a track pump and gauge to get them inflated to the right pressure.


Ideal for getting their routes planned … and uploading them to Strava!


Might be worth considering a coat and shoe rack in the cycle store or just inside the door. Most keen cyclists will have cleats which are not only tricky to walk in but can mark some floors. If kit is wet it is best left near the door or out in the cycle store!


Cyclists and coffee goes hand in hand and they love waking up to a few hits of coffee before heading out on the road!

Get yourself advertised on a cycle accommodation website to pull in the cyclists. You can advertise on Cycle Tonic for £75 for the year and bookings are directly with you. We are looking to expand our cycling accommodation network … sign up and watch this space to increase your bookings.