Stay motivated to train

Winter and even on wet summer days it's not always easy to get motivated to train.  There can be a whole host of excuses about why not to train but without training you're not gaining.

If you are sleeping well, eating well and have the time between other commitments there is no excuse not to train.  Bad weather is no excuse - that's what turbos and rollers are for!

The following tips will help you stay motivated to train :

Be focused and positive

Just telling yourself you're going to smash a session when you walk out the door lacking motivation will put your mind in to training mode.  Remember,  if you skip a session you'll kick yourself, if you smash it you'll self-motivate yourself!

Ride with others

It's great to train with friends or a club/group.  They will motivate you to get out and ride,  you will motivate them too!

Commit to a race, sportive or an event. 

This will encourage you to get on and train even when it's tough to get your kit on and get on the bike.  Tell yourself every session will make the goal achievable and more enjoyable - it will! Cyclo-cross and mountain biking are a fun way to stay on the bike in the winter time, go and get muddy and enjoy it!

Commit to a charity ride.

Knowing you are raising money for a good cause, a cause those less fortune will benefit from will make you push boundaries further and commit to training more.  The motivation of having people backing you will make your training commitment stronger and encourage them to support and motivate you. Generally people will take on a charity challenge far greater than a race or sportive as they want it to be attractive to sponsors.  Raise the physical demand and really raise some money for a good cause.


Without pain there is no gain!