Challenge Tonic?

Through the highs and lows of my life it’s the travel, love of adventure which stand out in my memories. They are more than memories though; they have had the ability to pull me through tough times and made me stronger for it.
My exploring nature, intimate connection with the natural world and love of adventure make me passionate about cultures and travel. Growing up in the beautiful, flat county of Suffolk, I have had a lifetime passion for the coast and a dreamy captivation with mountains, even just a hill…!
The chance to test my physical and mental ability by doing a sportive in the Pyrenees nearly a decade ago fueled my passion for a challenge. The mental and physical fight with myself give me a drive to want to do more and push the boundaries.
Racing gave me focus to train and a guide to my own ability to perform on two wheels but I wanted more.
I have never taken for granted my ability to be able to mentally and physically test my body but I wanted to be able to help people less fortunate. It was during a time I was fighting a ‘rough patch’ and with a forceful nudge from my Mum I agreed to take on The Rock Ride, a 1500 mile cycle ride from Gibraltar to the UK for Against Breast Cancer over 14 days.
The focus on training, the drive to perform, the will to want to complete it and the feeling that I was helping those less fortunate was a real turning point for me.
I want others to experience this and benefit from it, the value of having a focus is underestimated by too many.  The chance to enable more people to push themselves to their limits and have an end goal has been the inspiration behind  Challenge Tonic.

I never thought cycling 1500 miles and averaging 100 miles a day was possible. It was and whatever challenge you choose is possible too.

Focus on a goal, take on a challenge and perform better for it…
What’s your focus for 2018?